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10 Sexy Valentine Gift Ideas Your Man Secretly Wants

10 sexy valentine gift ideas your man secretly wants

Are you looking for some sexy Valentine gift ideas for your man? Or perhaps you’re looking to spice up this Valentine’s Day for the both of you? Finding some good sexy Valentine gift ideas for boyfriends and husbands can be really difficult, especially if this isn’t the firm time, you’re searching for a sexy Valentine gift for him. One thing to remember though, I can guarantee that almost all boyfriends simply enjoy the company of their girlfriends, but it’s still nice to give him something extra and special for Valentine’s Day.

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Before we dive into this list, I want to point out that if there are any gifts on this list (or anywhere else) that you don’t feel comfortable giving, then don’t do it. No gift is worth giving if you’re uncomfortable giving it. That being said, let’s dive into some sexy Valentine gift ideas your man secretly wants.


love battelship game for couples

1. Love Games for Couples

We’ll start relatively friendly. Love Battleship is a fun and romantic bedroom game for couples. Perfect to play on special occasions such as Valentine’s Day or on a date night. I like this game for many reasons and one reason is the fact that there are easy game rules with watercolor illustrations which makes it easy to understand what the card’s activity is. But the biggest reason why I like this game so much is because it is truly a gift for both people in the relationship. You will both enjoy this game and I truly believe this can help some couples to reconnect with each and perhaps fall back in love a little.

blowjob token

2. Blowjob Token

This is such a hilarious gift that I absolutely had to include it! I don’t think you need me to explain what this gift is for but I have to be honest with you here. This is probably a gift EVERY SINGLE boyfriend out there will absolutely LOVE to receive. However, if you’re not comfortable giving this gift (or any other gift for that matter) then you should absolutely not give it. It goes with out saying but I just wanted to remind you of that.

kama sutra book

3. Kama Sutra Book

This might be one of my favorite gifts on this list. As you can tell from the cover of this book, it’s a book about sex positions. If your boyfriend (or perhaps both of you) are tired of the same old sex positions you always do, why not spice it up and try some new ones? I also like this book because it does not only give you suggestions on different sex positions but it also give you ADVICE on how to kiss better, how to use a specific position better for more pleasure etc. How doesn’t want to brush up their skills in bed? Imagine the new levels this could take you and your partner’s sex life to.

sex pillow

4. Sex Pillow

This kind of goes hand-in-hand with the Kamasutra book. If you do decide to try some new exciting sex positions then you might not be as flexible (I’m sure as hell am not) as some positions requires you to be. Or requires your man to be for that matter. Enter the sex pillow! This pillow (as you can tell from the image) allows you to try new sex positions by offering extra support where needed. I think this might be the most underestimated gift among all of the gifts here. Because on the outside it just looks like a weirdly shaped pillow but I’m convinced it can allow you to conquer new grounds in your sex arena.

women's sexy lingerie

5. Sexy Lingerie

This is probably the most classical sexy gift to “give” your boyfriend for Valentine’s Day. I say “give” in quotation marks because it’s really a gift for yourself. But that doesn’t mean it’s not appreciated by your boyfriend! On the contrary, many boyfriends (if not all) would love it if their girlfriends picked up some sexy lingerie and seduced him in the bedroom on Valentine’s Day.

satin blindfold

6. Blindfold

If you don’t want to get a whole new set of sexy lingerie, you can simply buy a blindfold. Don’t underestimate the simplicity of this piece of clothing. There are a lot of fun, sexy things that can come from this. I won’t ramble on for pages about the different ways you could use this but one obvious way is that you blindfold your man and then have some fun! If you’re on a budget but still want to spice it for Valentine’s Day, this is a perfect gift!

sensual massage oil

7. Sensual Massage Oil

This is another great gift. This sensual massage oil has a tropical scent to it so when you close your eyes and get your massage you can imagine that you’re on a beach somewhere just enjoying life. Jokes aside, giving (or receiving for that matter) massage to your partner is also an underestimated sensual activity to do. You are completely in control of how sexy the massage is and regardless of what the massage turns into or not, you both get to relax for a bit. However, if you are looking for something more sexual, I would then recommend you to get this Personal Lubricant. We all know what it’s for and it can be a nice way to spice things up.

Clitoral and G-Spot Vibrator

8. Vibrator

This one is also pretty obvious by the title and the picture. But let me explain further, this vibrator isn’t something just the woman enjoys on her own time (I mean she definitely can if she wants) but it’s made to be used together with your partner during sex. So, it gives a dual stimulation, the pleasure shared during sex and the pleasure of the vibrator stimulating your g-spot and clitoris. In other words, more pleasure for the people and that’s always appreciated!

sex swing

9. Sex Swing

If you really want to up your game, you should go for this sex swing! You hang this by a door and then you can enjoy sex with your partner from newer heights. Some perks with this are that it looks really complicated but it’s not. You literally place it over a door and close the door and it’s ready to go. The greatest benefit here is that you can try new sex positions but it also gives extra support so neither of you have to carry the other person to actually perform the position you want to try. Also, if your boyfriend is someone (or you for that matter) who has a fantasy of sex against the wall, this makes it really easy to fulfill that fantasy. Or if your boyfriend has a fantasy of getting strapped down to the bed, check out this Bed Restraints Kit.

melting chocolate

10. Melting Chocolate

This is not really sexual as it is used for chocolate fountains or fondue. But you got a use your imagination! My thoughts for this melting chocolate are to first use it in a chocolate fountain and then buy some strawberries and enjoy it with your partner which can be incredible romantic (and delicious) or you can use the melting chocolate in a more sexual way. That is, cover your naked bodies in and then enjoy each other! You might not want to cover you and your boyfriend entirely in chocolate from head to toe but I think you know some body parts that could be fun to cover in chocolate. If you do want to buy the melting chocolate to use in a chocolate fountain, you can find it HERE and some bamboo skewers HERE.

Take Away

There you have it! My list of 10 Sexy Valentine Gift Ideas Your Man Secretly Wants. I think both people in a relationship can enjoy the gifts listed here but I’m still curious to see what other sexy gifts are out there! If you know of any other sexy Valentine gift ideas to give your man, please leave a comment below.

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