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13 Cute Galentine Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriends

13 galentine gift ideas for your girlfriends

Are you looking for some fun and cute Galentine gift ideas for your girlfriends? Galentine’s Day is one of my favorite fake holidays because it’s all about you and your fabulous girlfriends.  However, Galentine’s Day have only been around for about 11 years so finding some cute Galentine gift ideas can be a bit hard. Luckily, I’ve put together this handy list for you of some of my personal favorites of cute and funny Galentine gift ideas to give to your girlfriends.

Also, if you are a bit of a procrastinator like myself, and are buying gifts in the last minute you can always grab a free 30-day trial and use Amazon Prime to get your Galentine gifts in time!

Now, let’s dive into some cute Galentine gift ideas for your girlfriends!

will you be my galentine card

1. Will You Be My Galentine Card

First up, you’ll need a Will You Be My Galentine Card! This one comes in a set of 4 so you can ask your entire girl squad if they will be your Galentine. But if you’re looking for just one or if you’re looking for a little funnier Galentine gard, check out this one right HERE.

girlboss book

2. Girlboss Book

I literally want to give this book to every single girl I know. I read this book a couple of years ago and it was so inspirational to read. Without spoiling too much, the book is a story about a girl who goes from basically being homeless to a millionaire. In fact, this book was so good that Netflix decided to make it a TV series. Although, as always, by reading the book you’ll get more details about the story than watching the movie or TV series in this case.

Galentine Wine Bottle Labels

3. Galentine Wine Bottle Labels

This is such a cute accessory to make your wine bottles perfectly decorated for Galentine’s Day. Or to just give away as a cute little gift for that matter. I often times give my girlfriends wine or champagne as gifts for different occasions and these cute label stickers make them a whole lot cuter! Not to mentioned that their little messages are absolutely hilarious (and true!).

Boss Babe Desk Plate

4. Boss Babe Desk Plate

Is one of your girlfriends a real boss babe? Give her this cute Boss Babe desk plate! Whether she has an office in a big fancy building, a little cubical or even a home office, this desk plate is an adorable reminder that she is truly a boss babe! Then again, she can of course be a boss babe without having any form of office so regardless, it’s a great gift!

Scented Candles

5. Scented Candles

I don’t know about your girlfriends but all of my girlfriends love scented candles. And since we all use them quite frequently it’s always appreciated when you get some new scented candles. I liked this particularly scented candle for its message though. As you know, Galentine’s Day is all about showering your friends in affection and letting them know they’re awesome. This candle is therefore a perfect gift to a girlfriend you want to give an extra reminder to.

Inspirational Journal

6. Inspirational Journal

Am I the only one who ALWAYS browse the notebook section in stores? I absolutely love getting cute little notebooks for all kinds of purposes! Notebooks always seem to come in handy whether your working, studying, doing some planning, journaling or just need to write something down! I picked this journal though because it’s an inspirational journal and meant to give your girlfriend some extra motivation which is always appreciated.

Letter Board

7. Letter Board

Speaking of extra inspiration, a letter board is a perfect little inspirational piece to have in your room, office, or house. You can write cute messages on their, reminders, dates, or just an inspirational quote to get you off to a good start each morning when you wake up and see it. This letter board has a rustic look with its wooden frame but if you want one with lights, I recommend checking out this one HERE.

pink passport holder

8. Passport Holder

This gift is perfect for the friend who absolutely loves to travel! I used to travel a lot before when I was studying abroad and I actually bought myself a passport holder because I needed a cute holder for my passport. It also helped me remember where I put it as my passport holder was bright and pink! I would personally love to get this passport holder even if we won’t be able to travel for a while.

spa kit

9. Spa Kit

I am absolutely in love with this kit! Imagine you and your gals get together with some snacks, your wine (with your cute Galentine’s wine labels) and make Galentine’s Day a complete spa day. Talk about dream come true! This spa kit includes 10 different spa products with everything from essential oils to hand lotion. It is also made from natural ingredients so you can truly relax knowing your body is being nurtured and taken care of.

Girls Night Out Game

10. Girls Night Out Game

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know I absolutely love games! Especially as gifts. Why? Because so many people can enjoy the gift and you build stronger relationships with the people you already love. How amazing is that? This Girls Night Game is a funny card game that contains 81 funny questions cards and you can play up to six people. It’s also a really good price, almost half the price as other popular card games!

pink rose in 24k gold

11. Pink Rose

Who says a girl can’t give another girl a rose? I don’t! This beautiful pink rose is dipped in 24K gold and it is literally an infinity rose that never dies. It’s the perfect symbolic gift of how your friendship will never die.

Melting Chocolate

12. Melting Chocolate

First of all, who doesn’t love chocolate? A majority of girls like to get chocolate as a cute little Galentine gift. However, giving melting chocolate is a bit more fun because you just need to buy some fruit such as strawberries or pineapples and then you dip the fruit in the melting chocolate. Yummy! The budget version is to only buy the melting chocolate and fruit but if you want to go all out, I suggest getting a Chocolate Fountain to for melting the chocolate and Bamboo Skewers for the fruit. Talk about some luxury snacking!

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

13. Chocolate Covered Strawberries

If you don’t want to buy the whole chocolate fountain thing with the melted chocolate, but still want some sweet snack, then check out these chocolate covered strawberries! These fresh chocolate covered strawberries come in a box of 12 and will be delivered to you the next day you make an order. Perfect Galentine’s Day gift for your friend with a sweet tooth or to share amongst yourselves!

Take Away

There you have it! My list of 13 Galentine Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriends. Now I’m curious to know if you celebrate Galentine’s Day with your girlfriends and if you buy any cute gifts to each other? Please comment below and tell us if you have any other great Galentine gift ideas to give your fabulous girlfriends.

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